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Cracking Grief (2022)

A flexible instrumentation work for voices and instruments created in conjunction with Capacity: or The Work of Crackling - a dance work for Kinesis Project by Melissa Riker.  (To purchase score, email

The Singing Garden (2022)

A community sound installation, that employs vocal participation by the general public to foster inclusive community-building and retune our perception of public spaces as a venue for beauty and shared aesthetic experience. (Created with support from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone. For inquiries, contact

BDLA (2022)

A text-based interactive art object created by Bent Duo for Queer Percussion Research Group. (In QPRG Zine, available for purchase here.)

(was)HERE (2021)

An ongoing site-specific digital installation work (various locations) that explores the disappearance of historic queer spaces. Developed by Bent Duo with support from NYC's City Artists Corps program.


Memory Cruise (2020)

This multimedia piece was commissioned by ChamberQUEER for their series of streaming online concerts during the COVID-19 quarantine. (Inquiries:

Ramble (2019)

An ongoing multi-faceted Bent Duo project that includes a digital sound installation, individualized live performances, a handmade zine, a self-produced cassette, and online video components. (Various components available for purchase here; for inquiries, contact

Out of the, Into the (2018)

Bent Duo original work that explores themes of queer solidarity and community-building. (Inquiries:

Beware Digital Silence (2015)

A sound installation for blacked-out computer keyboard; in memoriam, Taylan Cihan.  (Inquiries:

learn to teach to learn to teach to learn (2015)

A solo piano performance piece in which randomized pedagogical audio prompts control and direct improvisation. (Inquiries:

Talk to Me (2014)

Original music created for a new production of dance-theater work by Dagmar Spain.

Häxan (2014)

Original soundscore created in conjunction with TRANSIT New Music to accompany the original Benjamin Christensen silent film.

When I Was on Foodstamps (2013)

Original work for solo piano and audio tracks.  (Inquiries:

Plastic & Heartache (2010)

A large-scale interdisciplinary work for fixed media and choir; in collaboration with Juan Michael Porter II (choreographer) and Yvonne Ng (video artist).

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